Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sophia Barbarella is Actually Con Woman Kathleen Legaspi

Sophia Barbarella is Con Woman Kathleen Legaspi -latest alias

Kathleen Legaspi's latest Facebook page shows she has dubbed herself Sophia Barbarella as of November 2014.  

The good news is that as Kathleen's victim list continues to expand and public awareness of this website grows, there will be an army of eyes and ears to inform us of her latest tricks.  

She can change her name as often as she likes, swap phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and register new "businesses."  As soon as we find out about it, it will become public knowledge here.  

If you are concerned about a friend or family member doing business with Kathleen (aka Sophia Barbarella, Sophia Dash, Sophia Vale, Sophia Vale Branch, etc), please alert them to this site and tell them to hold onto their money.

Beware: BeBarbarella is Kathleen Legaspi's latest "business" venture

It's true a leopard never changes its spots, but it can certainly change its name like a chameleon.

We wish to make the public aware that Kathleen Legaspi (aka Sophia Dash, Sophia Vale, Sophia Vale Branch, or whatever name she's given herself these days) is actively running her clothing business known as Barbarella.  You can view the website at http://www.bebarbarella.com. The listed contact details are:

9895 Erma Road
San Diego, CA 92131
Phone number: 858-610-087

We have reports of individuals losing significant sums of money in the form of cash and credit card charges up to $15000 in 2014.

Kathleen is known to hire people to work for her.  Then, when it all collapses, her "employees" are left out of pocket and money owed to them, not to mention they become the target of angry defrauded victims.  You should be aware that her "employees" are often unwitting participants in her carnival shell game of take and hide the money.

The Instagram photos here list several individuals whom we fear may be unaware of her true identity and the games she plays with other peoples' money.  We would appreciate if anyone can alert the Instagram users listed in these images - thanks in advance.

In particular, we have concerns that Kimberly GH Wong (Instagram username kimberlyghwong) may be her latest "employee" and could be unaware of Kathleen's criminal past.

If you have been a victim of her latest Barbarella incarnation, we would like to know your story. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sophia Vale Branch is Kathleen Legaspi's latest alias

We wish to make the public aware that Kathleen Legaspi's latest known alias is Sophia Vale Branch.  See image to the left.

If you are in the clothing business, or looking to get into the clothing business, then you should know her latest business name is Barbarella Inc.   You can view the Barbarella business registration information here.

We have known reports of her scamming people out of money under this Barbarella name.  She will say she needs money up front to get things going, to get samples created, etc and then eventually she'll ask for more money.  And then when nothing is going to plan and she is unable to produce samples or keep up her end of the bargain, she will try to turn the tables on you and make you feel guilty.  That's what allows her to keep perpetuating this scam and bilk more money out of victims.  Do not fall for it and be firm.

She can hide behind the "I'm just not a good business woman" defense, but when you look at the LONG string of people who have lost significant sums of money to her over the years, then it appears to be a lot more than just "bad luck" or "bad business skills."

Word to the wise:  do not do any business with her unless you are paying money to a legitimate third party (who could produce your samples).  She must not receive any money directly from you unless she completes her end of the deal TO YOUR SATISFACTION.   Once she has your money, she holds all the cards and can do whatever she wants - including jerking you around and wasting your time.