Sunday, April 15, 2007

Los Angeles Times: A chef starts a website to connect alleged victims and to warn about ‘Kat.’

Internet aids case against suspected con artist 

A chef starts a website to connect alleged victims and to warn about ‘Kat.’By Ashley Surdin, Times Staff Writer
April 15, 2007 

The job was a gamble: A last-minute birthday dinner for 20. Four courses. No time for a deposit, the caller said. But Santa Monica private chef Laszlo Andras, 34, had taken a chance on such gigs before. So he trusted the friendly woman on the phone who called herself Kat.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Comments on March.16. 2007.

Yes.  A criminal report has been filed in San Diego.  If you call and ask, I am sure they can find the info by her name.  I do not have my case # yet.

Comments on March.16. 2007.

I pulled the tax records.  Her house at 8699 Hydra is in the name of Alfredo Legaspi.  For what it's worth, he might be interested in receiving some mail about his daughter's activities?

Comments on March.16. 2007.

Has a formal report been filed with a law enforcement agency by anyone yet?  Small claims court was fine, but has anyone filed criminal action?

Comments on March.16. 2007.

Question for Adonae:  Kat owes her over $5000.  Is that Adonae's share of the "scam" money Kat took from all of us?

Comments on March.16. 2007.

  • As you all know, Kat gets a new cell phone every month when the payment comes due, or when we all find it out.  
                                                     Here is her NEW one:  858-213-8504

Comments on March.16. 2007.

Well, funny how Adonae comes out of the woodworks now.....Unfortunately sweetheart, your name is all over the Tearsheets Management paperwork and your name is on every form of models that she scammed.  They were turned over to the authorities two days ago.  Also you have been eMailing Kat and telling her to come stay with you up until March 1st.  If you are innocent, then you are going to have to go a long way to prove it, because she drug you into this as well.
Adonae's blog

Comments on March.16. 2007.

It’s very nice Adonae Langlois. Looks like you have lots of fans. Your fans should know something. You deserve to be on this page; don’t you forget when Kathleen ripped me off ? You were there, you were her assistant and you didn’t say anything. Instead you were fooling around and made everything much harder. You were part of it, you know it just like I do. You guys ripped me off with over $1400. I’m still waiting for my money, and I know I never gonna see it

Comments on March.16. 2007.

It's me Adonae (Assistant) I have only seen Kat twice since November 1st, once in late December because I was confirming where she was staying (the Fieldthorn address), and then again on Jan 4th so that my mother could serve her the small claims papers. She has been in contact with me via email ( and on the phone, but she calls from a private number and has not given it to me. The last time she contacted me was on Tuesday 3.13.2007 at which time she claimed she was in a car accident and had the stomach flu, but was still maintaining that she would have her "cousin" deliver payment to me. I haven't believed a word out of her mouth for months now. No, I am not friends with her, and I haven't pretended to be her friend since about mid January. She would still call me and try to gain my sympathy and essentially emotionally drain me.....I have attached the promissory notes, my original small claims paperwork and then the judgement that was entered with this email.

Comments on March.16. 2007.

  • It's me Adonae (Assistant) : I had wished to keep this matter private, but have been forced to make it public to clear my name.

Comments on March.16. 2007.

  • There is a report filed in San Diego.  You can contact the following officer to file your report at:  760-xxx-xxxx
    Apparently she has a warrant in LA and Nevada and has a suspended license. Right now she is staying at her parents house:  8699 Hydra Lane, San Diego 92126 Their number is:  858-693-0751 I bet they would LOVE to hear who their daughter really is!

Comments on March.16. 2007.

This website confirms my suspicions.  I knew she was up to no good by the film-flam stories she used to tell.  Usually larger than life tales about how she was spending money like it grew on trees and how she was brokering big deals with clothing companies. Fortunately, I never lost any money since my bullsh*t detector went off.  I am deeply troubled to hear the extent of loss and by so many people.  Wishing you all the best of luck with your pursuit.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

She just can't stop scanning people ! Comments on March.15.2007

  • March.15.2007 / Kat post on : She just can't stop scanning people !  
    post date: Jan 18, 2007  "Currently Seeking Help To Buy Fabric :  Detailed Buying Lead Description

    "We are an up and coming company here in Los Angeles, CA. Julia Puri Co. is currently expanding its business by creating our own clothing line. We are searcing for a company that will assist us in our future endeavors. Jp are currently looking for a company that can provide the following: - jeans - cotton tees / hoodies - fabric (spandex, silk, satin) - sports shoes If you can help us, please send us a message thru alibaba. We are looking forward to working with you soon." //  See  here.

"She is a hypochondriac" "A few FACTS that we just found out about KAT!" Comments on March.15.2007

Wow, so she hit again.  Kat, that is.  Apparently she is well known in the So. Ca area for her so called company 'TearSheets Management' that she scams aspiring models out of their money with her assistant Adonae.  She is at it again, same MO but different business name.  This time she is scamming people with her Julia Puri business.  Making purchases from overseas and never paying them.  She uses her so called 'illness' to make us all feel bad for her and buy her things.  Well she is not even sick anymore.  She is a hypochondriac.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Comments on March.14.2007

I'd say you have a much better chance at recouping your money that way than you do by proceeding with the judgement debtor's hearing.  She has to have wages or something to garnish for us to see any money through a hearing and we all know she's not going to be working a real job.  Finally, somebody at the trial yesterday mentioned that she was considering a move to London.  Without a criminal conviction, there's nothing to stop her from doing so, and if she does go, we'll never find her again (let alone that even if we were able to track her down there we'd have to wait for her to come back to the US to have any jurisdiction).

Nathans sister in law / Comments on March.14.2007

I am Nathans sister in law. Kat has affected me very much, she promised that my 3 year old son was getting offered contracts left and right for toys r us, gap, nike, old navy, and armani. My family has contacted all people and non have heard of her.

Comments on March.14.2007

Now that the number of people defrauded by Kat has grown, new evidence will be entered and we do have enough for a criminal case against her.  Bringing a 3-year-old minor across state lines in the commission of a fraudulent scheme must be a federal crime.  If Kat does leave the country, the Feds can get her back......  Also, we found out the Cadillac pictured on your site is Nathan's, not Kat's, so the photo and license plate number should be removed. I understand it's for sale so he can get rid of some of the huge debt she left him with.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kathleen Legaspi in court / Comments on March.13.2007

Yesterday in court, strength definitely came in numbers.  Everyone that appeared won a judgment and the case against Kat was charged as fraud. As a fraud case, if Kat decides to file for bankruptcy our cases cannot be included

Comments on March.13.2007

Im her latest victim and and believe me, my story will bury anyone on this site.  I'm the biggest sucker of all.  I tried doing my research on her but I kept checking her other alias Kathleen Legaspi.  Thank you for the gentleman you contacted me tonight to notify me of what she was up too. I need a direct contact number to the DA so I can submit my documentation and proof of her scam.  This will definitely support your case against her to bring her down once and for all.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Comments on Jan.7.2007

I've been searching and finally found her.  She lives at 9903 Fieldthorn St., San Diego, CA  92127.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Comments on Jan.13.2007

  • Jan.13.2007 /
  1. Bad Check Restitution Program Los Angeles,
  2. Bad Check Program - San Diego District Attorney
    I think it matters where the event took place - not where you live... You could call both places, for information.  From what I understand, it's very easy on your part to

Friday, January 12, 2007

Comments on Jan.12.2007

Kat was personally served with small claims papers today.  Her address is 9903 Fieldthorn St., San Diego, CA  92127.  If anyone has a bad check from her, call the D.A.  They have a division that handles such cases as criminal actions.  For now at least, we know she can be reached at that address, so if you had a bad check, the time to act is now.

Comments on Jan.12.2007

Good news -- Kat was served the small claims papers this afternoon (Fri.).  Her address is 9903 Fieldthorn St., San Diego, CA  92127.  So whoever provided us with that address -- thank you! I still feel that after the trial, we should pursue this criminally.  Someone on our list even got a bad check written by her -- I think the D.A. has a whole division established just for bad checks... Have you considered going that route?  Anyway, let's get this small claims judgment against her first, as it should strengthen any criminal charges against her.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Comments on Jan.11.2007

I spoke with "P", who is serving the papers.  They were to go to the above address tonight to serve Kat.  They'll let me know tomorrow if it was successful.