Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kathleen Legaspi Sued by Midland Funding LLC

Kathleen (aka Sophia Barbarella) continues to add to her ever growing massive pile of debt (and victims).  In many ways, it's similar but the exact opposite to being a billionaire.  After the first 100 million, any more money is purely academic. In Kathleen's case, she is so far in debt to so many people that it's a moot point to stop.  Additional debt and civil charges are purely academic and mean nothing to her.  Court is not a penalty. She has demonstrated this over and over again for nearly a decade.

You can see below this court listing filed by Midland Funding LLC, which appears to be a collection agency.  And these guys don't tend to pursue court cases for small dollar amounts, so it is possible this was a considerable sum to motivate them to put the elbow grease into it. 

The image below shows who Midland Funding is.