Sunday, March 17, 2019

she now goes by Ina Shei

I'd rather not be identified, but I just did a quick FB search and it appears that she now goes by Ina Shei.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kathleen Legaspi ABC News San Diego 2017

Kathleen Legaspi posing as talent agent Shei Allyndl to bilk money from parents for photos of their children.

Direct YouTube link:

Kathleen Legaspi Faces Court 2015 - KGTV 10 News San Diego

Kathleen Legaspi, infamous in San Diego.  View her television appearance from 2015 where she plead guilty to 2 out of 5 counts of felony fraud, including ripping a woman off for $15,000.

As of 2017, based on recent reports we've received, she is up to her old tricks again and ripping people off in a talent scam where she takes money from parents to get photos done of their children for commercials.  The photographers and makeup artists get stiffed and the parents/kids walk away with nothing, and Kathleen walks off with their money.

Kathleen Legaspi Known Aliases as of 2017

Kathleen Legaspi has been conning good, hardworking people for well over a decade now. She has had her run-ins with the law, has spent time in jail, and was convicted in San Diego in 2015 for scamming a woman out of $15,000.

But here we are in 2017 and, true to form, she's straight back to scamming people in a modeling/commercial talent con game.  One of her greatest assets is her ability to change names to perpetuate her frauds.  Since 2005, she has had 15 known aliases which are listed below.

  1. Shei Alen
  2. Shei AllyndL
  3. Kathleen AllyndL
  4. Kathleen Alen
  5. Sophia Barbarella
  6. Sophia Dash
  7. Sophia L Dash
  8. Sophia Legasi (not Legaspi)
  9. Sophia Vale
  10. Sophia Vale Branch
  11. Shei Sophie
  12. Shei Val
  13. Shei Legasi
  14. Kathleen Kafashian
  15. Kat Kafashian

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Kathleen Legaspi still scamming in 2017: Her new aliases are Shei Alen, Shei AllyndL, Kathleen AllyndL and Kathleen Alen

Kathleen Legaspi still scamming in 2017 even after all these years, even after being convicted of fraud, even after serving time in jail.  She has a bottomless pit of aliases she uses to run her con game and no doubt she'll come up with more after this post.

A new email from more victims

I am one of the newest families that have been conned by this despicable woman.  Can you please update her alias to include on your blog?

  • Shei Alen
  • Shei AllyndL
  • Kathleen AllyndL 
  • Kathleen Alen

There was another news story run on San Diego Channel 10 at 5pm on Thursday May 4th.  If that can be added that would be great!

We have been trying to shut down her activity through other agencies, photographers and other companies we have found that were working with her as well.

We know that one of the other families has been in contact with you and the other owner of this blog and we appreciate all of the help!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Alert: Talent Agent Modeling Scam in Carlsbad

From a reader: I just saw her pics again on 10 News.  She's now a modeling agent scamming people in Carlsbad

Friday, March 18, 2016

from a reader, just came


I've been aware of your blog for a little while now and I'd like to add some info for you and any one else who may get roped into her scams.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Robert's Tale of Deceit by Kathleen

This post comes to us by way of Robert who was ripped off by Kathleen a whopping 16 years ago.  It is very sad that she has been ripping people off for this long.

His story echoes her modus operandi perfectly.  It is the story told by so many of her victims.  I am reposting his comment he left today on one of the posts on this site.

Buyer beware:  a leopard never changes its spots.


Robert's story:
I recently read about Kathleen Legaspi (aka Kat Kafashian) being arrested for scamming money out of people on numerous occasions and thought I would share my story - it it helps even one person than this effort will have been worth it.

I used to live in San Diego, CA in 2000 and befriended Kathleen. I completely trusted Kathleen and felt that we had a very good friendship. I ignored the fact that her life always seemed to be in crisis, that everyone was mistreating her, and that her life seemed so unfair. Rather, I tried to be a good friend. Her behavior became increasingly unstable; in fact, I remember her once calling me at 6:00 a.m. totally depressed and talking about killing herself. Her stories became more and more "unbelievable."

Even though I didn't really want to do it, I co-signed for Kathleen so that she could get a cell phone. The plan she selected was only $50/month, so I thought I would be o.k. even if she had some financial difficulties. Within a matter of days, Kathleen ran up approximately $2,000 in phone calls - she was maliciously using the phone with no regards for my financial situation (I was a broke student at the time). It goes without saying that Kathleen did not make any payments.

After alot of hard work, I was able to find Kathleen's parents and we tracked her down at a hotel with some guy. We brought Kathleen to her parents' house in San Diego to confront her and arrange payment for my bill. She signed a contract with me agreeing to repay the money. She then locked herself in her parents' bathroom, called one of her friends, then took off running out the front door and sped off in her friend's car once the friend arrived. I never did recover any of the money that she owed me. Her parents were very kind, though. They worked some overtime and paid me a little bit of money towards the balance, but they couldn't afford to pay the entire bill. They even encouraged me to file suit against their daughter because they felt it was the right thing to do.

Kathleen Legaspi has no conscience and is a completely malicious person who does not care one ounce about other people. She wouldn't think twice about stealing every dime from someone. She is not the kind of person that could ever be a friend to anyone. If you meet this person, stay far away! And, whatever you do, never do her any financial favors. She will work very hard to make sure that you trust her and find her to be a good friend - then, without hesitation, she will turn on you and cause you alot of harm!

Central, Illinois

Monday, January 4, 2016

Kathleen Still Scamming into 2016?

This email was just received today regarding Kathleen's movements.  It looks like the law is just a paper tiger.

"Hello my name is Neil and she used me just recently. She used my name for Business phones. After she racked up a bill of $5000 she disappear. We where shocked because are kids use to play together and was part of the family. Now that everything changed we research her name and this came out. We didn't know about her past until now on this blog and yes we are trying to sue her. Where can we find resources to get in contact with her? Also do you guys know lawyer."

My advice to you Neil and anyone else in a similar situation would be to contact the San Diego County Court House and look for the prosecutor's name on the court documents.  You may be able to get some leads in that regard.

You also have to remember that con artists are also very smart in that they often only rip you off for a small amount so that it's just not worth your time to hire a lawyer to get it back.  You write off the loss and they go free to do it to more people. 

She has ripped people off for far more money than that, but these were also people who she KNEW did NOT have a lot of money that could NOT pursue her in court. 

Kathleen has clearly demonstrated by her history (which you can see goes way back) that she cannot and will not be stopped by anyone under any circumstances.  No judge or prosecutor that rules against her in a civil court can frighten her.  The only way she can be stopped is if she is held criminally liable and sent to jail for a long time (with no phone or internet access to run new scams). 

Does anyone know her current whereabouts?  What aliases she is using into 2016?  If so, we need this information so we can keep it public and continue to warn the public.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Email from Reader: Kathleen Legaspi - Annoying People Since 1997.

This contribution was from a reader who recognized Kathleen Legaspi going all the way back to interactions with her in 1997.  It is pretty sad that she was telling tall tales even way back in those days.  While we're not trained psychologists, we're pretty sure that someone who is that much of a pathological liar dating back that far probably needs to be sedated and put in a rubber room for the criminally insane.  Kathleen Legaspi's reign of terror has finally caught up with her (we hope) and she will not be able to continue to rip off good-hearted and unsuspecting people with real dreams.

The reader comment follows:

"I was reading articles on the 10News app this morning when I came across the article regarding Kathleen Legaspi.  The name rang a bell because ..............It triggered some dormant memories which were confirmed when I googled her pics.  I came across your blog while googling her.  She used to work with my brother at ......Theaters ................circa 1997.  I posted the news link to my brother's Facebook page.  Attached is screencap of what he said.  I blocked out our names to hide our identity because I'm giving you permission to post the screencap on your blog should you choose to do so.
I hope justice will be served and she gets what she deserves."

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kathleen Legaspi on camera - KGTV ABC10 San Diego

10 News Investigative Reporter Cristin Severance interviewed victims and also caught Kathleen Legaspi on camera today after pleading guilty to theft and identity theft.

Kathleen Legaspi San Diego Criminal Court Case
Kathleen Legaspi was charged with five felony counts related to fraud and Identity theft. She pled guilty to two of the charges as part of a plea in San Diego Superior Court Wednesday.

This is particularly concerning though since if she pled guilty, does that mean she will just get another one of her famous slaps on the wrist and keep on defrauding people like she's been for the past decade?  We can only hope the courts have heard enough to give her a maximum sentence which, we might add, should include no internet access to run her scams from jail.   

Kathleen Legaspi Outside Courthouse San Diego
Fashion fraud victim: She killed my dream - KGTV ABC10 San Diego

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kathleen Legaspi Sued by Midland Funding LLC

Kathleen (aka Sophia Barbarella) continues to add to her ever growing massive pile of debt (and victims).  In many ways, it's similar but the exact opposite to being a billionaire.  After the first 100 million, any more money is purely academic. In Kathleen's case, she is so far in debt to so many people that it's a moot point to stop.  Additional debt and civil charges are purely academic and mean nothing to her.  Court is not a penalty. She has demonstrated this over and over again for nearly a decade.

You can see below this court listing filed by Midland Funding LLC, which appears to be a collection agency.  And these guys don't tend to pursue court cases for small dollar amounts, so it is possible this was a considerable sum to motivate them to put the elbow grease into it. 

The image below shows who Midland Funding is.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sophia Barbarella is Actually Con Woman Kathleen Legaspi

Sophia Barbarella is Con Woman Kathleen Legaspi -latest alias

Kathleen Legaspi's latest Facebook page shows she has dubbed herself Sophia Barbarella as of November 2014.  

The good news is that as Kathleen's victim list continues to expand and public awareness of this website grows, there will be an army of eyes and ears to inform us of her latest tricks.  

She can change her name as often as she likes, swap phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and register new "businesses."  As soon as we find out about it, it will become public knowledge here.  

If you are concerned about a friend or family member doing business with Kathleen (aka Sophia Barbarella, Sophia Dash, Sophia Vale, Sophia Vale Branch, etc), please alert them to this site and tell them to hold onto their money.

Beware: BeBarbarella is Kathleen Legaspi's latest "business" venture

It's true a leopard never changes its spots, but it can certainly change its name like a chameleon.

We wish to make the public aware that Kathleen Legaspi (aka Sophia Dash, Sophia Vale, Sophia Vale Branch, or whatever name she's given herself these days) is actively running her clothing business known as Barbarella.  You can view the website at The listed contact details are:

9895 Erma Road
San Diego, CA 92131
Phone number: 858-610-087

We have reports of individuals losing significant sums of money in the form of cash and credit card charges up to $15000 in 2014.

Kathleen is known to hire people to work for her.  Then, when it all collapses, her "employees" are left out of pocket and money owed to them, not to mention they become the target of angry defrauded victims.  You should be aware that her "employees" are often unwitting participants in her carnival shell game of take and hide the money.

The Instagram photos here list several individuals whom we fear may be unaware of her true identity and the games she plays with other peoples' money.  We would appreciate if anyone can alert the Instagram users listed in these images - thanks in advance.

In particular, we have concerns that Kimberly GH Wong (Instagram username kimberlyghwong) may be her latest "employee" and could be unaware of Kathleen's criminal past.

If you have been a victim of her latest Barbarella incarnation, we would like to know your story. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sophia Vale Branch is Kathleen Legaspi's latest alias

We wish to make the public aware that Kathleen Legaspi's latest known alias is Sophia Vale Branch.  See image to the left.

If you are in the clothing business, or looking to get into the clothing business, then you should know her latest business name is Barbarella Inc.   You can view the Barbarella business registration information here.

We have known reports of her scamming people out of money under this Barbarella name.  She will say she needs money up front to get things going, to get samples created, etc and then eventually she'll ask for more money.  And then when nothing is going to plan and she is unable to produce samples or keep up her end of the bargain, she will try to turn the tables on you and make you feel guilty.  That's what allows her to keep perpetuating this scam and bilk more money out of victims.  Do not fall for it and be firm.

She can hide behind the "I'm just not a good business woman" defense, but when you look at the LONG string of people who have lost significant sums of money to her over the years, then it appears to be a lot more than just "bad luck" or "bad business skills."

Word to the wise:  do not do any business with her unless you are paying money to a legitimate third party (who could produce your samples).  She must not receive any money directly from you unless she completes her end of the deal TO YOUR SATISFACTION.   Once she has your money, she holds all the cards and can do whatever she wants - including jerking you around and wasting your time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

new victim been scammed with 15K

I am her latest victim scamming me over $15k. Pls contact me at I want to see justice and see her behind bars where she belongs.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kathleen's Fictitious Business Name Internet Footprint

One of the ways to protect yourself from being ripped off is to make sure the potential scammer has an internet footprint.  If they don't have one, then you should tread cautiously.  If they do have one, then you must evaluate that evidence and make an educated decision if this is someone with which you should do business.

You can review this for yourself at:

Below, you can see multiple fictitious business names registered to Kathleen Legaspi in San Diego County between 2010 and 2012.  This is particularly concerning because most people can barely manage to effectively run one single business, let alone run multiple businesses without having a large team of managers and employees.  When you put this information into context and know that she generally tends to operate alone, plus has multiple small court claims against her, it tends to highlight professional instability and ethical concerns.  Buyer beware.

Kathleen Legaspi Kafashian RipOff Report Rap Sheet

For those interested in Sophia Dash's Ripoff Report back when she was Kathleen Legaspi Kafashian.

View it here:

You can see many commonalities between these and the current victims' reports from 2013/2014 regarding:

1) taking money but not delivering the service
2) refusal or hesitation in paying
3) bouncing checks when she does finally "pay"
4) incessantly lying to try and gain sympathy to cover her tracks

It is also noteworthy that she is able to perpetuate these ripoffs because she can keep registering businesses under new names.  Unfortunately, if you just pay your money, you can register a business name.  There are no credit checks or any safeguards that keep unethical people from hanging out a new shingle.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kathleen Legaspi (Kafashian) Victims From 2005 - 2007

Back around 2005, Kathleen Legaspi was calling herself Kathleen Kafashian, a last name which she presumably took from her husband at the time Jean Kafashian.

Looking at publicly available court records, it shows that there were a LOT of disgruntled victims trying to get their money back from Kathleen when she was known as Kathleen Kafashian.

In EVERY single one of these court cases, Kathleen was named as the defendant.  Not a good look.
Noting the long list here and the long list from last year and this year (2014), it would be highly advisable to watch your back (and your check book/bank account) if you're doing ANY business with her.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kathleen Legaspi is now Sophia Vale? A new alias?

One of Kathleen Legaspi's victims alerted us that she is now calling herself Sophia Vale.  Ever the chameleon, she must continually change names, business names, locations, phone numbers, and emails to evade the many victims she's left in her path of destruction.

Unfortunately for Kathleen, with the growing list of victims who want her to face justice (and their awareness of this site), she has fewer and fewer places left to hide.   She can change her name a hundred more times, but we'll know about it as soon as it happens.

Previous aliases have included
Sophia Legaspi
Sophia Legasi
Sophia Dash

It is not known if this is going to be her new "stage name" from here on out or if it is just a transition name until she finds something better.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Small Claims Cases Against Kathleen Legaspi (Sophia Dash) in San Diego

You can see from these public records that she has numerous small claims cases against her in Kearny Mesa and San Diego courts dating back to 2005.  Note there were a number of new cases in 2013 which show that she is still up to her old tricks and taking her to court has no effect on her changing her ways.

By all accounts, she is a frequent flyer in the San Diego court system and evidence that a leopard doesn't change its spots.


Breach of contract civil case against Kathleen Legaspi (Sophia Dash) in San Diego County

Publicly available court records from February 2014 show Kathleen Legaspi on the defendant side of a civil case for breach of contract in San Diego County.  Click the image below or follow the original source link here to view for yourself.  Note all of the aliases they had to list out.  Will the real Kathleen Legaspi please stand up.

It is good to see that not all victims are rolling over, playing dead, and walking away.  Sad to say, it is unlikely that she will pay whatever the damages are, even with a judgment against her.

Kathleen Legaspi/Sophia Dash is also a fiction writer

Always the self-proclaimed "victim," Kathleen Legaspi (alias Sophia Dash), upon learning there was a central blog documenting her transgressions, took to the internet in early 2014 to try her hand at writing fiction.

Kathleen refers to herself in the third-person alias Sophia Dash, but it is not known if these Yahoo Voices clips are meant to be autobiographical or written by someone else.  She quickly deleted the account associated with the article, but the content still remains with her picture.  Either way, it is a laughable, albeit sad, attempt to deflect attention away from the many evil acts she has perpetrated upon well-intentioned victims.

The main thesis of her rant is that all the bad things that have happened to her over the years were everyone else's doing and that all these people are ganging up on her just because they don't like her.  Well, nobody gets raked over the coals this bad and by this many people for no good reason.

Kathleen tries to play the "I'm just a single mother trying to get by" card, but sadly her victims from 2013 and 2014 have stated that she actually uses her baby as a tool of the trade for gaining sympathy from unsuspecting victims (particularly women with young children themselves).

Kathleen asserts that the "chef was trying to ruin her life" and that "he became obsessed with fame" and "branded himself the 'scandal hero blogger'" and was using "Sophia" as his stepping stone to fame.

Unfortunately, this is just an extravagant fabrication on Kathleen's part and completely ignores the fact that she screwed Chef Laszlo out of $1700 for a dinner he prepared for 20 people.  Read the original complaint from 2006 here.

Unfortunately for her, this is one of those times in life where she barked up the wrong tree, screwed over the wrong person, and now karma is coming back to haunt her.

The blog is NOT an unprovoked vendetta to just ruin some random girl's life.  It is a public service and clearing house to warn the world that there is a predator in their neighborhood.

Despite the fact that Kathleen (Sophia) has racked up quite a collection of victims over the years, she continues to try and delude herself and the world that she is the target of a smear campaign (something she often has to plead when current victims call her out on her lies and non-payment for services/products, bounced checks, etc).

At the end of her rant, one reader left a very unflattering comment which perfectly echoes all of the victims' stories on the blog:

onetoughkitty 2/28/2014
You're kidding right? I actually went to school with this woman and then hung out with her for quite a bit of time back in 2010-2012. She has managed to borrow thousands of dollars money from her friends that have known her since high school and then make promises to pay it back and then she makes all sorts of excused of why she can't pay it back. Have you read the reviews on YELP from her businesses: KLENZ, Look Better Naked and now the BODY LOFT? She's a serious scam artists.

The scariest thing about this comment is that it shows not even her long-time friends and classmates are immune to getting screwed over by her.

Screen shots in case the article is deleted

Barbarella Inc is Kathleen Legaspi's (Sophia Dash's) New Business Name

Beware that Kathleen Legaspi (alias Sophia Dash) has registered the business name Barbarella Inc in San Diego as of January 2014.  (screen shot below).

Kathleen has a number of recently failed businesses over the past few years which have left a lot of people angry, frustrated, and out of pocket.  Click on each link for Yelp reviews.

It is believed that she is now trying to create some sort of clothing line and, based on recent victims' contact with us (as of May 2014), she is now networking and trying to do business with clothing designers, manufacturers, photographers, models, etc between San Diego and Los Angeles.

If you fit into this category, you must be on heightened alert.  Do NOT give her ANY products or services unless she pays up front in cash first.  Do NOT accept any check from her because there is a very high likelihood it will bounce.  Do NOT engage in any work with her unless you have a contract (not that she cares about them anyway).  You should document ALL dealings with her, ideally by email and text, or you can add a phone recorder app to your smart phone.  You will need this information later to catch her in lies she will inevitably tell you.

Kathleen has a number of recently failed businesses over the past few years which have left a lot of people angry, frustrated, and out of pocket.  Click on each link for Yelp reviews.

Klenz Health Lounge 
Look Better Naked 
Body Loft (read the real reviews, not the fake ones she planted)

If you have been wronged by Kathleen ("Sophia Dash") Legaspit in this latest business venture, please let us know so we can post it here and warn other would-be victims.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Kathleen's Ripoff Report Rubber Check

This Ripoff Report filing was from late last year but was just recently brought to our attention.  This is classic Kathleen Legaspi (alias "Sophia Dash) where she takes the service, writes a rubber check, and then "dashes" for the door.  Almost makes me wonder if this alias she's been using is just her way of flipping the middle finger at her victims.  Very sad.

View it at:

Or click here for a screen shot.

Friday, May 16, 2014

new victim

I believe I am the newest victim of Sophia Dash. My attorney and I are getting ready to take her to court and press charges I would like to know what I am dealing with and see if you would be willing to help out.

I am a Product Development company and well its been a nightmare working with her.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Kathleen (Sophia) asks for "loan" from a hard-working, lower income woman

In a long phone conversation with one of Kathleen's victims yesterday, she told me a story about one of her Look Better Naked clients who was coming in for body wraps.  She was described as a very kind, hard-working woman with a young son whose father (the husband) had died.  She didn't make a lot of money in her job but she had managed to put away a little bit of savings so she could do something nice for her boy.

Somewhere along the line, Kathleen asked her for a "loan" of $2000 which she said she'd "pay back with interest" and could "get her lawyers to draw up some papers to make the loan legal....blah blah blah..."

Fortunately, this woman did not take the bait, but the story nevertheless exemplifies the lengths Kathleen ("Sophia Dash") will go to in order to separate hard-working people from their money.   Given her history of setting up a fake charity page, taking $2000 from a lower-income earner is not beyond her reach.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

again...a new victim of Kathleen Legaspi (Victim #4)

I blacked out my bank/account info. The other is a Western Union receipt, it shows her name so I figured I would send it to you. 

 I appreciate your message. I worked for her for a few months last year. Biggest mistake of my life. I trusted her, she's a complete psycho, liar, fake. She is so

Look Better Naked Health Management San Diego: hilarious & also sad comments on Kathleen Legaspi's yelp account

we just had to save all of these before is too late: 

These are the best comments of Look Better Naked (San Diego):

Friday, January 24, 2014

Steps to put Kathleen Legaspi (Sophia Dash) behind bars

As has been echoed multiple times on this blog, Kathleen Legaspi (fake name Sophia Dash) cannot be trusted under any circumstances.  Her illustrious criminal past spans well over eight years, possibly longer, and includes the following complaints.

  1. Taking money for services which she did not deliver
  2. Receiving services and then refusing to pay 
  3. Paying with checks that would later bounce
  4. Having sex with men, telling them she's pregnant, and then asking for money
  5. Creating businesses and then partnering with legitimate businesses to add credibility
  6. Claiming she was a casting agent in LA, accepting money from models/actors, then offering nothing in return.  This also includes hiring photographers and makeup artists to do head shots and then not paying them.
  7. Incessant lying.  Kathleen knows no boundaries when it comes to lying to get her way.  She is immensely convincing if you don't know her and has a way of gaining sympathy through her lies.
  8. Creating a fake charity page where she pretends she's going to climb Mt Kilimanjaro for the benefit of some orphanage in Kenya.  This is on par with pretending you have cancer and then begging people for money to pay for treatments.  If the link doesn't work, here is a screen shot:
The fact that she is still doing these types of scams in 2014 is very concerning and it appears that it will never stop.  It appears to be pathological and when someone calls her out on it, she goes into victim mode and makes it look like everyone is out to get her.  Do not fall for her crocodile tears.  It is all part of her act to gain your sympathy to further separate you from your money.

If you were defrauded by Kathleen Legaspi (fake alias Sophia Dash) and you'd like to see her face justice, consider the following:
  1. Document all contact with her, particularly emails which will likely be loaded with lies.
  2. Put a call recorder app on your smart phone and keep voice recordings of all conversations.
  3. If you have text messages from her, save them to an external file or do screen shots.
  4. Document all payments to her
  5. Document all bounced checks and amounts you were charged by your bank for her rubber checks.
  6. Did she use the postal service or other technology to commit fraud?  If so, this may be an actionable offense.  See these links:
  7. Be willing to press charges and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.
  8. Once we find her parole officer (likely in LA county), then it may be worth bringing your case to his/her attention.  If you know of a law enforcement official (parole or probation officer) in San Diego, please bring this to our attention.
She may claim that she can't go to jail because she has a daughter, but what kind of responsible mother would commit such rampant fraud on so many levels?  If anything, based on recent victims' reports, her baby has been a handy tool for gaining trust of her would be victims.  She can leverage this on women who also have young children to gain sympathy and then strike when they soften up.

Kathleen has made it clear that she will not stop ripping off people.....ever.  If you were a victim and know of other potential victims, please bring this blog to their attention so they can post their story.

victim #3 (a lot more victims to come)

Hi! I had commented on your blog, with the email address "". I recently got taken advantage of by Kathleen, or Sophia, as well. I'm preparing a case to take to the police department in San Diego, and would love to collaborate with you eyes it seems like you have a lot more information on her than I do.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

new victim #2

"I didn't call Sophia. She contacted me, because she saw my post on that blog. The person that sent it to me apparently sent it to her. I did ask her how I was listed as a business owner on any of her businesses and of course she doesn't know. I did tell her that I don't know who she pissed off and why, to the point that they want retribution to take the website down, but I was going to cooperate with whomever to clear my name.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kathleen Legaspi's Facebook page: her fake name has been changed again from Sophia Dash to Sophia L-Dash

Kathleen Legaspi's Facebook page:
her fake name has been changed again from Sophia Dash to Sophia L-Dash

new victim #2

 "She and I met in 2012 in her Look Better Naked business. I was trying to lose baby weight after my son was born. In conversation, she found out I was a marketing consultant and was looking for help.

new victim #2

today we have got an e-mail, mostly this is in it:

"She owes me money, she got several free hours of marketing support, and freelance makeup work with no payment ever. When I met her, I did not have the information about all of her names, and she asked me to assist her with the business license, but in the end it was filed as a corporation... "

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

tom yoga, yelp, body loft, look better naked health

Legaspi is on meetup. Her fake name: "Sophia Legasi"

Con artist Kathleen Legaspi's Twitter account. Her fake name: "Shei Sophie"

Con artist Kathleen Legaspi's Facebook Photos. Her fake name: "Sophia Dash"

Kathleen Legaspi's new victim #1 of 2014

(we are hiding her true identity) 

Victim #1 of 2014: "Can you please call me, she has be up to know good again and owes money to my daughter. 916-xxx-xxxx Is she on parole or probation? I'm really wanting to press charges against her. Thank you for sending me this info and the heads up."

Kathleen Legaspi's new blog starts

below you able to read and comment on our work in 2006-2007, that time we really tried hard to put Kathleen Legaspi in jail. We could keep her in for only a month. Below posts? We are going back in time and posting all the comments collected on that time. Then we start with Kathleen again. She is out there and ripping people off. Again.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Keep me posted.

Any idea if she's walking the straight and narrow or off scamming people again?  I'm also curious to know if the baby is really hers or if it's just a stunt in photos to get sympathy.  If she is really a mother, then that kid's gonna need all the help it can get!  Keep me posted.

Friday, December 6, 2013

up to her old tricks again

I think the bigger issue here is that even with all this new information on her, it doesn't necessarily mean she has committed any new crimes (though it is quite likely to be the case).  Having said that, Chef, if you're gonna do a new blog on her, then you must absolutely keep it factual and let people make up their own minds.   Someone like Kat might just be stupidly smart enough to get herself a lawyer working on a contingency basis and try to sue you into 2023.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


It definitely crossed my mind that I don't want to alert Kat to anyone being "on to" her and I understand your concern. We should also consider that if Courtney is a victim (or potential victim), NOT contacting her would leave her open to be ripped off when we could prevent it.
For whatever reason that link still doesn't work for me. I attached my screenshot. I also tried searching drsofly and it doesn't pop up that way either. Oh well. 

May I ask what about Courtney makes you believe she is still in good graces with Kat? If she isn't an accomplice, she could be a good way to get to Kat.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mira Mesa Family Contact

Also note that the info she used on her website registrations looks to be Mira Mesa (also known as "Manila Mesa").  It is a large Filipino community there in that part of San Diego so it might be her correct family address and phone number.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Con Woman Kathleen Legaspi (aliases Sophia Barbarella, Sophia Dash, Sohpia Vale) Still Ripping Off Victims in 2013/2014

Here are our findings in 2013 / Jan. 2014:
Have a good look through and see what you think.  Note the new businesses and how she registered them as owned by another business so it obscures her name from showing up.  As of 2013, she is back ripping people off again.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Los Angeles Times: A chef starts a website to connect alleged victims and to warn about ‘Kat.’

Internet aids case against suspected con artist 

A chef starts a website to connect alleged victims and to warn about ‘Kat.’By Ashley Surdin, Times Staff Writer
April 15, 2007 

The job was a gamble: A last-minute birthday dinner for 20. Four courses. No time for a deposit, the caller said. But Santa Monica private chef Laszlo Andras, 34, had taken a chance on such gigs before. So he trusted the friendly woman on the phone who called herself Kat.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Comments on March.16. 2007.

Yes.  A criminal report has been filed in San Diego.  If you call and ask, I am sure they can find the info by her name.  I do not have my case # yet.

Comments on March.16. 2007.

I pulled the tax records.  Her house at 8699 Hydra is in the name of Alfredo Legaspi.  For what it's worth, he might be interested in receiving some mail about his daughter's activities?

Comments on March.16. 2007.

Has a formal report been filed with a law enforcement agency by anyone yet?  Small claims court was fine, but has anyone filed criminal action?

Comments on March.16. 2007.

Question for Adonae:  Kat owes her over $5000.  Is that Adonae's share of the "scam" money Kat took from all of us?

Comments on March.16. 2007.

  • As you all know, Kat gets a new cell phone every month when the payment comes due, or when we all find it out.  
                                                     Here is her NEW one:  858-213-8504

Comments on March.16. 2007.

Well, funny how Adonae comes out of the woodworks now.....Unfortunately sweetheart, your name is all over the Tearsheets Management paperwork and your name is on every form of models that she scammed.  They were turned over to the authorities two days ago.  Also you have been eMailing Kat and telling her to come stay with you up until March 1st.  If you are innocent, then you are going to have to go a long way to prove it, because she drug you into this as well.
Adonae's blog

Comments on March.16. 2007.

It’s very nice Adonae Langlois. Looks like you have lots of fans. Your fans should know something. You deserve to be on this page; don’t you forget when Kathleen ripped me off ? You were there, you were her assistant and you didn’t say anything. Instead you were fooling around and made everything much harder. You were part of it, you know it just like I do. You guys ripped me off with over $1400. I’m still waiting for my money, and I know I never gonna see it

Comments on March.16. 2007.

It's me Adonae (Assistant) I have only seen Kat twice since November 1st, once in late December because I was confirming where she was staying (the Fieldthorn address), and then again on Jan 4th so that my mother could serve her the small claims papers. She has been in contact with me via email ( and on the phone, but she calls from a private number and has not given it to me. The last time she contacted me was on Tuesday 3.13.2007 at which time she claimed she was in a car accident and had the stomach flu, but was still maintaining that she would have her "cousin" deliver payment to me. I haven't believed a word out of her mouth for months now. No, I am not friends with her, and I haven't pretended to be her friend since about mid January. She would still call me and try to gain my sympathy and essentially emotionally drain me.....I have attached the promissory notes, my original small claims paperwork and then the judgement that was entered with this email.

Comments on March.16. 2007.

  • It's me Adonae (Assistant) : I had wished to keep this matter private, but have been forced to make it public to clear my name.

Comments on March.16. 2007.

  • There is a report filed in San Diego.  You can contact the following officer to file your report at:  760-xxx-xxxx
    Apparently she has a warrant in LA and Nevada and has a suspended license. Right now she is staying at her parents house:  8699 Hydra Lane, San Diego 92126 Their number is:  858-693-0751 I bet they would LOVE to hear who their daughter really is!