Monday, January 27, 2014

Kathleen (Sophia) asks for "loan" from a hard-working, lower income woman

In a long phone conversation with one of Kathleen's victims yesterday, she told me a story about one of her Look Better Naked clients who was coming in for body wraps.  She was described as a very kind, hard-working woman with a young son whose father (the husband) had died.  She didn't make a lot of money in her job but she had managed to put away a little bit of savings so she could do something nice for her boy.

Somewhere along the line, Kathleen asked her for a "loan" of $2000 which she said she'd "pay back with interest" and could "get her lawyers to draw up some papers to make the loan legal....blah blah blah..."

Fortunately, this woman did not take the bait, but the story nevertheless exemplifies the lengths Kathleen ("Sophia Dash") will go to in order to separate hard-working people from their money.   Given her history of setting up a fake charity page, taking $2000 from a lower-income earner is not beyond her reach.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

again...a new victim of Kathleen Legaspi (Victim #4)

I blacked out my bank/account info. The other is a Western Union receipt, it shows her name so I figured I would send it to you. 

 I appreciate your message. I worked for her for a few months last year. Biggest mistake of my life. I trusted her, she's a complete psycho, liar, fake. She is so

Look Better Naked Health Management San Diego: hilarious & also sad comments on Kathleen Legaspi's yelp account

we just had to save all of these before is too late: 

These are the best comments of Look Better Naked (San Diego):

Friday, January 24, 2014

Steps to put Kathleen Legaspi (Sophia Dash) behind bars

As has been echoed multiple times on this blog, Kathleen Legaspi (fake name Sophia Dash) cannot be trusted under any circumstances.  Her illustrious criminal past spans well over eight years, possibly longer, and includes the following complaints.

  1. Taking money for services which she did not deliver
  2. Receiving services and then refusing to pay 
  3. Paying with checks that would later bounce
  4. Having sex with men, telling them she's pregnant, and then asking for money
  5. Creating businesses and then partnering with legitimate businesses to add credibility
  6. Claiming she was a casting agent in LA, accepting money from models/actors, then offering nothing in return.  This also includes hiring photographers and makeup artists to do head shots and then not paying them.
  7. Incessant lying.  Kathleen knows no boundaries when it comes to lying to get her way.  She is immensely convincing if you don't know her and has a way of gaining sympathy through her lies.
  8. Creating a fake charity page where she pretends she's going to climb Mt Kilimanjaro for the benefit of some orphanage in Kenya.  This is on par with pretending you have cancer and then begging people for money to pay for treatments.  If the link doesn't work, here is a screen shot:
The fact that she is still doing these types of scams in 2014 is very concerning and it appears that it will never stop.  It appears to be pathological and when someone calls her out on it, she goes into victim mode and makes it look like everyone is out to get her.  Do not fall for her crocodile tears.  It is all part of her act to gain your sympathy to further separate you from your money.

If you were defrauded by Kathleen Legaspi (fake alias Sophia Dash) and you'd like to see her face justice, consider the following:
  1. Document all contact with her, particularly emails which will likely be loaded with lies.
  2. Put a call recorder app on your smart phone and keep voice recordings of all conversations.
  3. If you have text messages from her, save them to an external file or do screen shots.
  4. Document all payments to her
  5. Document all bounced checks and amounts you were charged by your bank for her rubber checks.
  6. Did she use the postal service or other technology to commit fraud?  If so, this may be an actionable offense.  See these links:
  7. Be willing to press charges and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.
  8. Once we find her parole officer (likely in LA county), then it may be worth bringing your case to his/her attention.  If you know of a law enforcement official (parole or probation officer) in San Diego, please bring this to our attention.
She may claim that she can't go to jail because she has a daughter, but what kind of responsible mother would commit such rampant fraud on so many levels?  If anything, based on recent victims' reports, her baby has been a handy tool for gaining trust of her would be victims.  She can leverage this on women who also have young children to gain sympathy and then strike when they soften up.

Kathleen has made it clear that she will not stop ripping off people.....ever.  If you were a victim and know of other potential victims, please bring this blog to their attention so they can post their story.

victim #3 (a lot more victims to come)

Hi! I had commented on your blog, with the email address "". I recently got taken advantage of by Kathleen, or Sophia, as well. I'm preparing a case to take to the police department in San Diego, and would love to collaborate with you eyes it seems like you have a lot more information on her than I do.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

new victim #2

"I didn't call Sophia. She contacted me, because she saw my post on that blog. The person that sent it to me apparently sent it to her. I did ask her how I was listed as a business owner on any of her businesses and of course she doesn't know. I did tell her that I don't know who she pissed off and why, to the point that they want retribution to take the website down, but I was going to cooperate with whomever to clear my name.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kathleen Legaspi's Facebook page: her fake name has been changed again from Sophia Dash to Sophia L-Dash

Kathleen Legaspi's Facebook page:
her fake name has been changed again from Sophia Dash to Sophia L-Dash

new victim #2

 "She and I met in 2012 in her Look Better Naked business. I was trying to lose baby weight after my son was born. In conversation, she found out I was a marketing consultant and was looking for help.

new victim #2

today we have got an e-mail, mostly this is in it:

"She owes me money, she got several free hours of marketing support, and freelance makeup work with no payment ever. When I met her, I did not have the information about all of her names, and she asked me to assist her with the business license, but in the end it was filed as a corporation... "

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

tom yoga, yelp, body loft, look better naked health

Legaspi is on meetup. Her fake name: "Sophia Legasi"

Con artist Kathleen Legaspi's Twitter account. Her fake name: "Shei Sophie"

Con artist Kathleen Legaspi's Facebook Photos. Her fake name: "Sophia Dash"

Kathleen Legaspi's new victim #1 of 2014

(we are hiding her true identity) 

Victim #1 of 2014: "Can you please call me, she has be up to know good again and owes money to my daughter. 916-xxx-xxxx Is she on parole or probation? I'm really wanting to press charges against her. Thank you for sending me this info and the heads up."

Kathleen Legaspi's new blog starts

below you able to read and comment on our work in 2006-2007, that time we really tried hard to put Kathleen Legaspi in jail. We could keep her in for only a month. Below posts? We are going back in time and posting all the comments collected on that time. Then we start with Kathleen again. She is out there and ripping people off. Again.