Thursday, May 14, 2015

Email from Reader: Kathleen Legaspi - Annoying People Since 1997.

This contribution was from a reader who recognized Kathleen Legaspi going all the way back to interactions with her in 1997.  It is pretty sad that she was telling tall tales even way back in those days.  While we're not trained psychologists, we're pretty sure that someone who is that much of a pathological liar dating back that far probably needs to be sedated and put in a rubber room for the criminally insane.  Kathleen Legaspi's reign of terror has finally caught up with her (we hope) and she will not be able to continue to rip off good-hearted and unsuspecting people with real dreams.

The reader comment follows:

"I was reading articles on the 10News app this morning when I came across the article regarding Kathleen Legaspi.  The name rang a bell because ..............It triggered some dormant memories which were confirmed when I googled her pics.  I came across your blog while googling her.  She used to work with my brother at ......Theaters ................circa 1997.  I posted the news link to my brother's Facebook page.  Attached is screencap of what he said.  I blocked out our names to hide our identity because I'm giving you permission to post the screencap on your blog should you choose to do so.
I hope justice will be served and she gets what she deserves."

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kathleen Legaspi on camera - KGTV ABC10 San Diego

10 News Investigative Reporter Cristin Severance interviewed victims and also caught Kathleen Legaspi on camera today after pleading guilty to theft and identity theft.

Kathleen Legaspi San Diego Criminal Court Case
Kathleen Legaspi was charged with five felony counts related to fraud and Identity theft. She pled guilty to two of the charges as part of a plea in San Diego Superior Court Wednesday.

This is particularly concerning though since if she pled guilty, does that mean she will just get another one of her famous slaps on the wrist and keep on defrauding people like she's been for the past decade?  We can only hope the courts have heard enough to give her a maximum sentence which, we might add, should include no internet access to run her scams from jail.   

Kathleen Legaspi Outside Courthouse San Diego
Fashion fraud victim: She killed my dream - KGTV ABC10 San Diego