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Look Better Naked Health Management San Diego: hilarious & also sad comments on Kathleen Legaspi's yelp account

we just had to save all of these before is too late: 

These are the best comments of Look Better Naked (San Diego):

Look Better Naked Health Management   

3594 Fifth Ave
Fl 2

San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 665-6805


"I bought a Groupon yesterday for a body wrap, something I've never had before, one of those use it today or lose it deals. I called the number to make an appointment and spoke with the owner, Sophia. She told me she was unable to see me that day (Thursday), but if I'd be willing to see her today (Friday) she'd give me a free "upgrade". I happily accepted her offer.

I arrived at a sparsely decorated room at the top of a staircase in the back of an upscale hair salon. It was there that I found Samantha, Sophia's young and very very sweet assistant. I told her I was there for my 3:30 appointment and she smiled and told me she'd let Sophia know I was there. She left the room, and returned only moments later with the news that Sophia was "too backed up" to see me, so she'd be doing it. I figured, a bodywrap by an assistant is better than no bodywrap at all- so why not. And I followed Samantha through a maze of hallways and ended up in a room so poorly thrown together I almost walked out.

I'm the type of person who smiles a lot and always says "its okay" when its really not, I know this isn't always the best way to go about things but when the assistant is apologizing for a the terrible (and brand new) paint on the walls, and not being able to find their new patient forms, and so on, I don't want to make her feel bad for things that aren't her fault. It was also my understanding that they had just relocated so I tried to ignore the dirty pillow on the bed and the pile of used ace bandages and towels on the floor in the corner. After all this was my first body wrap... maybe this is just the way things are.

Samantha asked me to undress to my level of comfort, since I'd be sweating a lot she said most people like to wear nothing, and then she'd leave the room. I was surprised that I had to ask for something to cover myself with should I choose to be completely naked. She handed me a towel. I was a little uncomfortable standing there naked while we took my measurements and my weight... and then she began to explain the next steps... using what looks like a huge Chapstick applicator to apply some sort of "magical" balm to my body...... It was at this point that the door swung WIDE open- HELLO?! I'm naked!

I tried to hide behind Samantha while she told me "its okay" and telling me that the person coming in the room was the owner... whom I hadn't met yet. Awkward much?

They kept saying- "we see naked people ALL day...." And again I was surprised to have to inform them that I'm not used to being naked all day and that made me a little uncomfortable having someone I don't know (and wasn't expecting on meeting) barging into a room while I'm butt naked. But, I digress....

Sophia decided she'd be the one to wrap me. So while Samantha swiped me a few (and I mean a FEW) times with the giant magic Chapstick, Sophia wrapped me insanely tightly around my midsection. And that was it? .... Isn't this a BODY wrap? Not a tummy wrap? Oh well, again its my first time and I'm sure they know what they're doing.

Sophia left the room- without making any reference to this "upgrade" she spoke of just the day before, and Samantha had me lay on a table- with my head on that dirty pillow- covered me in plastic, and then wrapped me in what I can only describe as a sleeping bag heating pad. She left me to bake saying she'd be back in 30 minutes to check on me.

And then I was alone. I had time to admire their new blood colored maroon paint. It looks like they hired some middle schoolers to do it during detention. Not presentable in the least. In addition to the scary walls I couldn't help but be completely NOT relaxed by the fact that there was no music. NO attempt at making this a relaxing or even entertaining experience. Not a single decoration to look at anywhere. So I decided to close my eyes and attempt a nap.
BUT....after 15 minutes, Samantha returned, informing me that Sophia "doesn't think I can handle any longer" and so that was it. REALLY? $50 for 15 minutes under a heating pad? This was when my blood started to boil and it wasn't because of the heat.

She pulled everything off of me, I'm still naked but now covered in sweat- the door swings open AGAIN, revealing Sophia AGAIN, but this time I'm so caught off guard by the quickness of my wrap that I wasn't even phased by being exposed to an open door (again). Sophia tried to sell me on another 2 wraps for the price of one as I dried myself off, and simultaneously instructed Samantha to clean off the bed while she took my measurements again. I guess I lost half an inch or something but this didn't come as much of a surprise after having been bound so tightly. I really feel like that wrap didn't do a single thing, especially only 15 minutes of it.

To top things off, I wasn't even escorted back to the front- I had to find my way back to the lobby on my own to find what appeared to be another disgruntled Groupon purchasher being welcomed  into the room I had just come from."


"Okay, before you BUY anything from this place. Read my STORY, I'm going to be as detail as possible. When I first bought it from groupon and i have been trying to call sophia but some how it wasn't the right phone number from Yelp or Groupon. Later, I had to call Groupon to cancel it because I been calling for a month and still no respond. The customer service gave me her now number to call, and I did. Finally set an appointment with her for "tomorrow' at 11:30, and she said she'll txt me her new address.. Never text or call me back at all, so i couldn't go. I called her back later that day to see what happened, i have to reschedule again. So I went, she's there. Met Sophia, she was nice and friendly. After the body wrap, she offered the $79 for 3 body wrap treatments. I should have said, "no, it's okay" but knowing that she's nice, I'm gonna give her another try because may be there was some mix up. So, I bought it. set with another appointment with her and she said friday, i thought it was this week's friday because friday as of March 22nd which haven't passed yet. When I showed up March 22nd for my 9:30am appointment, nobody was there. So I called her and all she said was that my appointment is "next week" as of March 29th, because she have to take her baby to her doctor's appointment. So I didn't argue w/ that, but I told her that I cannot make it to the 29th since i have somewhere else to go and she should've confirm it with me about it. She never gave me a date w/ we she was scheduling it. So I told her that I can do it on a Monday of next week as of March 25th @11am, I showed up but she's not there, she texted me saying that I'm schedule on wednesday @ 11am because her machine wont arrive til tomorrow. I heard her clearly that it's MONDAY. UGHH. PLUS, aside from those mistaken schedules, I almost got into 2 wrecks just to get there. I'm really not wanting to set myself to "death" just to get my appointment mixed up. I texted her straight up about that, and for her to "CONFIRM" it to me through text to prove it that she schedule me for that day or not. She apologized for it. Showed up on a Wednesday; Did my thing and after my wrap, she asked me if i want to do a 3 months treatment for certain $$, which I don't remember. But at that time.. i thought to myself, "I haven't even done all of my 3 body wraps yet and she's already asking for me to pay more? Especially with these confusion of schedule." and I told her, "i'll think about it." I hate to say no and I don't want to be rude.  But my days aren't getting any better but stress out when trying to get to my body wrap appointment or rescheduling ALways. 2nd chance failed. After that, I didn't want to go do my 2nd treatment anymore, just by knowing how unprofessional she is! But I had to since I paid for it already. I texted her on april 7th (sunday), that I'd like to set an appointment for my 2 treatment that I bought from her a while ago. she asked me when, and I told her that i would like to be there this tuesday, April 10th at 9am. But she told me that she couldn't do it at the time, I cant remember what's her reason, but she said she's booked that day. So I had to go in on Thursday, April 11th @3:30pm.  I went there 5 minuted before 3 and sat there the whole time waiting patiently for her, some of the staffs who work there saw me waiting, one staff talked to me to keep me accompany, she was being super sweet. She called Sophia for me and let her know that she's got a client waiting for her. Instead of Sophia calling me to let me know, she ask that lady to give me her phone, which she did and I talked to her. She said that her Grandma Passed away today, so she couldn't come and she's sooo sorry for it. So she asked me if I can reschedule it to next week or if not, if i want to reschedule tomorrow as early in the morning, she'll be there. I felt bad, but pissed because SHE SHOULD'VE CALLED ME ABOUT IT WAYY BEFORE MY APPOINTMENT TIME. I told her that I'll be back on Monday, April 15th, at 3:30 pm, she said "okay, thank  you soo much and I'm soo sorryy.." So I sat there for over 30 minutes and got that result. I am fed up with it, but waited patiently for Monday to come so I can see what she got in store for me. Monday comes along, I showed up, she's there, "yay"...BUT she asked me to go to her room, I went in with her and she told me that she's got a client right now and couldn't do it with me so can i please reschedule with her again and she's veryy sorry about it. Her "aunt" died so she's very sorry about it. I caught that and yes, I was furious. How can she mistake "Grandma" to "Aunt" I DONT KNOW.  So, I just told her, "Just give me back my refund" and left. Even til today May 7th, I still haven't receive my refund. I had to threat her saying that I'm going to report complaint if she don't give me back my refund.

I'm Unsatisfied and this is the most unprofessional experience from this Heal Management!!"


" we go....A friend and  I purchased a Groupon from this company for a 60 min full body mineral wrap with a detoxifying foot bath. I should have known something was up when I tried to make an appt. Had to call 2 different numbers to try and make an appt and several times it told me that the Sprint PCS mailbox was full. Finally got someone on the phone (Sophia, the owner) and she answered without identifying the company. Anyway, made an appt for 3 weeks out on a Saturday. I received a random text a week later confirming my appt. Didn't say who it was or what it was for. Once I found out I asked what address is correct since there was once address on Groupon and a different one on the website. She gave me a 3rd different address! My friend and I showed to the building downtown. The guy at the desk told us we needed to call them for them to come down and get us. He said he did not have a number for us. I had to text the number I had and hoped it would work. About 10 mins later a girl came down. She took us up to a room with just a desk with some boxes and papers all over. There was a small room next to it with just a bed and another desk. The girl proceeded to measure us and said Sophia was on her way. I went first. She measured me then proceeded to take an ace bandage and wrap only my stomach!! I was confused but went with it. She then laid me on a bed with heat blankets and told me to lay there for 30 mins. This was NOT a full body wrap soaked in minerals!! The same procedure was done with my friend. During that time, Sophia arrived and wanted to redeem our Groupon. I asked her why we didn't get a full body wrap or a foot bath like we had paid for. She said that they were moving locations and would give us a complementary treatment at the new location where they have the needed materials. I explained that it was what we paid for and not complementary. We set the appt for the following Saturday. We were then given now a 4th address for the "new" place. We show up now the following Saturday where she is now renting a room inside a salon. Sophia asks us if we have had at least 16oz of water. We say no because she had never told us this was a requirement. She tells that she is not comfortable doing a full body wrap on us then for the fear of passing out. Ok. We now again make another appt. My friend makes hers for Tuesday and I make one again for the following Saturday. My friend shows up on Tuesday and Sophia is not there. Sophia called and had one of the salon employees put my friend in the bed with heat blankets for 30 mins. That's all!! No wrap, nothing!!! Now it's my turn...again. I show up Saturday and she tells me to undress. Sophia then takes ace bandages that are damp, definitely not soaked, and wraps my legs, stomach and chest. To me, full body would include arms and shoulders. She never measured me to be able to tell what the results would be. She then tells me to lay down in the heated blankets for 20 mins. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A 60 MIN BODY WRAP!!! I was frustrated and annoyed and decided I was done. I was just going to get this appt over with. After 20 mins she came back in and un-wrapped me. She asked in I felt skinnier. NO!! She then said if I was interested and happy, to come back in and do more treatments. The appt was now done and I still never got what I paid for. No foot bath, and not a 60 min full body wrap. I am done with this place. It is a joke and a scam. Buyer beware! They have now started another Groupon promotion offering this same deal!! You will waste your money!"

....and the rest...
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