Friday, March 18, 2016

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I've been aware of your blog for a little while now and I'd like to add some info for you and any one else who may get roped into her scams.

I went to High School (C/O 96 while she was C/O 97)and befriended her while we were in the same Spanish Class.  She seemed nice enough way back then but had an odd story to her life.  She lived with her boyfriend and his family while she was only 16 because her father "chased her around with a knife".  I'm sure that is false.  She scammed people out of money back then.  As a High School student I lent her $400 and never saw it again.  After High School she vanished into the "modeling/fashion" world and I never saw or heard from her.  Her life was always a mess with sudden emergencies and crazy bad issues.

Years later, some time in 2011 she found me via social media and I met up with her.  By then I let the $400 issue go.  We met up over lunch and she told me what she had been up to and didn't know I knew about her criminal past.  I confronted her about it and she claimed it was all her Ex-Husbands business and he did all of this. Knowing that she is probably not telling me everything I just let it go.  She told me she was working in La Jolla for a stem-cell research company and she also did some beauty work like facials, massage, etc.  That seemed legit because I eventually went to the place she worked at and saw it for myself.

I talked to her randomly from time to time over a year or so and she had gotten involved with some kind of online radio show with Two other guys.  By this time she was living in Downtown San Diego. That seemed legit as I witnessed an episode of its show.  Some time went by and then she was involved with a fitness lifestyle program with a few fitness trainers.  She ran these in San Diego with the trainers and some of them were quite well known.  She even had a life news cast on Channel 8 in San Diego.  I was actually there for that.  All this time it seemed like she had stopped her wicked ways of the passed but something inside me said "these things just seem so far fetched" yet I see other people who seem credible, all part of it.

Then it happened....she became pregnant with one of the persons she was working with.  A celebrity DJ and fitness expert.  So the baby is hers and I can verity 100%.  I saw her belly and felt the kicking.  I was even at the baby shower.  Thing is... once born, the "father" called me and he questioned if the child was his.  He claimed the baby didn't look like him and from the day the met "also conceived" this child to the DOB was 8 months.  I asked if the Doctor or anyone ever mentioned the word "pre-mature" and that was a NO.  Since he lived in LA he did not attend every Doctor visit but he never heard that.  Nobody seemed alarmed that it was only 8 months, except him.  I told him to bail then.  It's not yours if that is the case.  Long Story short, after a paternity test, 99.9% Not the Father.

Before the birth, however, she had some issues at the condo she was living at.  She had a asbestos issue so while that was being addressed she needed a place to stay.  Since she seemed to be clean of trouble I agreed to let her stay in my home till construction/fix was done.  This was a 3 month total period to which she agreed to pay $900/month.  I never saw a penny, so at the end of the 3rd month of this nonsense, I kicked her out.  In this time she had purchased a used SUV as her Z3 BMW will not work with a baby on the way.  The SUV was a Ranch Rover that she claimed was only $15,000.  I happen to know a lot about cars and when I saw this hardly used car I knew $15k was not possible.  I confronted her on that and she gave me a story about the owner was a friend and it was a favor, blah blah.  Basically things I could not prove otherwise.  Only 2-3 weeks later it vanished and a used Porsche SUV was in it's place.  I questioned her on this as well, and the story was that she didn't like the RR and got a trade by the same guy and this car was actually cheaper, 12K.  A slightly used Porsche Turbo Cayenne would be at least 30K.  So I felt like some weird things were going on.

Only a couple weeks later I get a phone call from one of her co-workers at the day spa place that she worked and this poor 21 year old student tells me how she Co-signed for the Porsche and Kathleen isn't paying the money.  I question her about the Range Rover she had only weeks before and I was told Kathleen did the same thing with that car, only it was one of the fitness coaches that had co-signed for her.  That guy, at this time, was trying to find her as well.  Naturally I am very upset because I feel so bad for these people Kathleen has screwed over big time.  Part of me even felt responsible because she was in my house.  After learning of this I went to her room to look for keys/documents/anything I could to help them out in their quest to get these cars back and resolve it.  I didn't find anything but I did find other things about her passed. Documents with names of what I believe was her ex-husband, etc.  Nothing that would lead to criminal evidence, however.  I called Kathleen immediately after talking to this poor girl and ordered Kathleen out of the house, that night.  My next phone call was to the lock smith to change my locks.  Kathleen arrived at 11pm and in tears saying sorry.  I didn't buy into this crap and I sent her packing.  She was about 7 months pregnant at this time.  I didn't hear from her again after that but she told people she left my house because I was doing cocaine all the time. This was what her almost "babies father" told me.  She had spun up lies about me and about all these other people to him.  I discovered that she scammed 2 people with a car, 1 person with a cell phone, 1 person over the rent at a "day spa" like business, me with 3 months of rent, and even my girlfriend at the time gave her $300 and never saw it again.

After the baby was born the "almost father" and I spoke a lot.  He started to find more and more people who got scammed and started to investigate and claimed to want to gather info and people to press charges.  That never happened as far as I can tell.  I had not spoken to Kathleen ever since, until today.

I actually got a Text from a random phone number saying "Im sorry for everything".  I asked who it was and they said "it doesn't matter, just want you to know I am very sorry for everything".  I eventually got it out of them that it was Kathleen but once I knew who it was I didn't reply.  I know what since I kicked her out and she gave birth that she was arrested for fraud.  I was satisfied that she finally got what was coming.  Now it seems like she is out of jail or whatever and I wanted to put this out there so people will know there is even more to her wickedness.  I really don't think she has learned any lesson.  Since she sent that I believe she is looking for a friend and/or sympathy.  I am sure she will go right back to what she knows best.  She has no real skill, except to lie and take advantage of good people.

She still lives in San Diego

Her last known phone number is 858-226-3777.  This was the number she texted from.  My friend who is a paralegal looked it up and it shows unlisted.  Her previous phone # was 619-665-6805.  I'm unsure if it is still used.

I don't remember her daughters name but it is her child.  I don't know the identity of the real father but I think his name is Chris.  I don't think he even knows the child exists.

Please feel free to post this and/or contact me for any questions/comments/assistance.  I'm happy to help in any way to anyone who has been scammed by her.  If she is wanted I believe I can help.

Thank you,"


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