Thursday, March 15, 2007

"She is a hypochondriac" "A few FACTS that we just found out about KAT!" Comments on March.15.2007

Wow, so she hit again.  Kat, that is.  Apparently she is well known in the So. Ca area for her so called company 'TearSheets Management' that she scams aspiring models out of their money with her assistant Adonae.  She is at it again, same MO but different business name.  This time she is scamming people with her Julia Puri business.  Making purchases from overseas and never paying them.  She uses her so called 'illness' to make us all feel bad for her and buy her things.  Well she is not even sick anymore.  She is a hypochondriac.

A few FACTS that we just found out about KAT

She is NOT a casting director.  She DOES NOT know NIKE or The Brazilian job.  In fact, SHE is Anne Lions.  If you have ever received a confirmation email from Anne Lions about Nike, it was from a email KAT created.  In fact, if you saw a contract, she created that too. 
I even have the page of her practicing 'Anne's' signature. The 'real' Nike is not too pleased and is filing suit against her.     She did not OWN her home in Rancho Bernardo as she said she did.  She did not put $200k down payment, and she also might have told you it is her parents 2nd     home and she is renting it from them, that is a lie too. She rented it.  I have the signed lease.    
The Cadillac she USED to drive, is NOT in her name, it is in her ex boyfriends name. She DID NOT put $60k down on it.  IN fact she is FAR behind in her payments     and it is 2 seconds from getting repossessed.    
She had a miscarriage before October (if she even did), but she claimed that she is STILL pregnant in February.  This girl WAS NOT pregnant!  I saw paperwork     from the doctors stating a 'spontaneous Abortion' in October.  Oh, and by the way, she just tested positive to being pregnant again.  Poor baby.  She is drinking and on meds, hopefully her body will 'spontaneously abort' that one too! This girl is NOT going to ANY radiation treatments or therapy.  She had not even been to one since I have known her.  When she has been going to the ER is has been     for ovarian cysts.  HELLO!  We all get them.  Take some IB Profen and lie down.  But she goes to the ER to PROVE she is 'sick' and has a doctors note so she can get     out of her court dates!    
She was just sued by 8 people in court on Monday, she lost, but conveniently, she did not even show up.  She was in LA that day going to her bank to get money     from a check she stole.     She is looking for apartments right now, and has filled out several applications in another name.The name of a friend of hers that she stole the identity of.      
She just gave the apartment a BAD check.  A check from JK Global which the account was closed in 2005.     She just scammed a 'friend' out of $30k and another out of $7k     She opened a business with someone new and unsuspecting, and has been stealing money from her.  She has been 'selling' the clothes and keeping the money. Shae also has been asking for money for services that have never happened.     She stole a friends Credit Card and made multiple purchases on it.    
A check that her business partner wrote her had the amount changed on it before she cashed it.     She has been trying to access stolen credit cards of friends and make purchases of over $10k!!!     Her credit is crap, there is so many judgments against her.    
She has ruined the credit of 5 people that she scams into getting loans for her.  Moral of the story; she is a compulsive liar!  I mean COMPULSIVE!  NOTHING she says is true.  I hear here LIE to her own family.  If you know her, she has been stringing you along for a ride.  If  you have given her money, you will more than likely NOT get it back.  All we can do now is get justice. 
A police report has been filed, and a warrant has been issued. They are going to be keeping an eye on her parents house, friends houses, and her ex boyfriends house.   
Oh, and we know her friend Adonae is in on that scam in LA, so hopefully they are going to be pressing charges against her too. If she comes to you; AVOID HER!  This is NOT a lie.  If you respond, I will be happy to put you in touch with the detective handling the case. I have piles of documents of proof sitting in front of me, that even her PARENTS should see!  This is a warning to you all!  If you help her, you will get screwed.  You will NOT avoid it.  Don't say you were not warned.

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